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accountantsGPS 101

accountantsGPS integrates with BGL’s API extracting data from BGL’s Simple Fund 360 SMSF administration software to produce the digital SMSF Check-Up report.

It allows you to run a comprehensive analysis on any SMSF in minutes. For more details, watch this 2-minute overview video.

Once your practice has subscribed to accountantsGPS and the onboarding process is completed, you can access accountantsGPS and run SMSF Check-Up Reports accessing any funds’ information directly from BGL’s ​​Simple Fund 360 SMSF platform.

Currently, only accountants who use BGL’s Simple Fund 360 administration software can subscribe to accountantsGPS.

No. The SMSF Check-Up Report is factual in nature. Accountants do not need to hold a license to use the service.

  • A quick and simple onboarding program where we do the heavy lifting.
  • Access to the SMSF Check-Up Report.
  • Resource Centre.
  • Document service – SMSF & Corporate needs. 
  • LRBA Financing.
  • Group Insurance – No Medicals.
  • Bespoke Estate Planning.
  • Direct Property services.
  • SMSF Newsletter.
  • Wealth Platform. 
  • SMSF Advice Plans – Q2 2024.  
  • Non-Platform Services include Technical Webinars.

accountantsGPS has agreements with each provider to share in the revenue generated for services used by a subscribing firm’s SMSF client, and provides 80% of that revenue to the subscribing firm. The remaining 20% of revenue is directed to 2 x supported GPS charities.

No – you are not obliged to use any of the platform service providers.

A GPS Coach is a salaried finance professional (usually an ex-financial adviser and CFP) who assists a subscribing firm in a range of areas—onboarding the new platform to their practice, initial and ongoing training, explaining the process of launching the service to the firms SMSF clients, and answering any questions about the SMSF Check-Up Report.  The GPS Coach helps subscribing firms maximise the benefit of offering the service to their SMSF clients.

accountantsGPS is owned by Fiduciary Financial Group Pty Ltd. Fiduciary is an Australian Fintech that develops technology to provide affordable, compliant personal digital advice and SMSF services to Australians through Institutions, Accountants, Financial Advisers, Superfunds and Employers.


It’s a factual, fully tailored strategic analysis for any SMSF. 

Less than 5 minutes. 

Watch this video to find out.

  • Cost Comparisons
  • Investment Strategy Performance 
  • Benchmarking
  • Cost to Manage
  • Estate Planning
  • Trustee Strategy
  • Member Contributions
  • Retirement Planning
  • Property Review

It can be used by accountants or financial advisers, on an ad-hoc basis or via a more formal annual review process to conduct a strategic assessment of any SMSF in order to ensure the fund is meeting its risk and compliance requirements as well as meeting the objectives of the Trustee and Members.

Because it is in an easy-to-understand format, it’s perfect for going through with your clients—stimulating conversation and action. It can also be used as a compliance tool to support audits. It highlights any issues with the fund, helping you to keep it on track in order to achieve its objectives.

A set number of SMSF Check-Up Reports are included in each subscription plan. Additional reports can be purchased at $180 inc. gst. Practices on the Enterprise tier can get unlimited SMSF Check-Up Reports.

Practices can choose to charge clients for the report and the RRP is $500 + gst, but the pricing is fully at the discretion of each practice and accountantGPS does not share in this revenue.

You can rerun an SMSF Check-Up Report for an individual SMSF, an additional 2 times pa with no further fees being charged.

accountantsGPS has a dashboard for each SMSF you have created a report for, enabling you to easily see the details and insights into the fund. 




You can find out on our moneyGPS FAQs page


Go to: to create your accountantsGPS account. After entering some basic details you will need to select your preferred subscription plan.

Yes, you will virtually meet with one of our GPS Coaches to assist you with our onboarding process. To book a meeting with a GPS coach use the link found in your onboarding emails.

You can switch and manage your subscription within your management account 

Click here to watch our step by step video.


You can find all the pricing options on our homepage.


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